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Specials and Coupons - Specials and Coupons
South Baldwin

12" 8-cut cheese pizza & whole hoagie of your choice


Up charge for all toppings & specialty toppings.

Topping Addition 12":Pepperoni +$1.75Onions +$1.75Green Peppers +$1.75Tomatoes +$1.75Crumbled Sausage +$1.75Ham +$1.75Hot Peppers +$1.75Meatballs +$1.75Canned Mushrooms +$1.75Black Olives +$1.75Anchovies +$1.75Thick Crust +$1.75Garlic +$1.75Spinach +$1.75Jalapeños +$1.75Feta Cheese +$1.75Kalamata Olives +$1.75Red Onions +$1.75Pineapple +$1.75Capicola +$2.60Steak +$2.60Extra Cheese +$2.60Bacon +$2.60Chicken +$2.60
Hoagie Choice:Italian Steak & Cheese Ham & Cheese Steak & Bacon Veggie Ham & Swiss Turkey, Bacon & Swiss Turkey Breast Company Club Meatball
Hoagie Exclusions:No Onion No Tomato No Dressing No Lettuce
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